Tuesday, 2 April 2013

20mm Cafe de Normandie part III

Not that much progress - I spent quite some time creating the shutters, I carved some wood structure into them all and added some card board to each of them. 

I also got the front door done - back door is still undone.. 

I need to do windowsills for all the windows, but currently am a bit indecisive as to how thick they should be. I might need to get some new balsa wood that is thinner than what i have got to work with now. 

My main problem however is whether or not there will be enough space inside the building to actually remove both the first and second floors for proper figure placement. 

There isn't much room to get the floors in and out and they have to get past the floor supports that are glued to the walls.. And I am not at all sure that I can even get my large wargamer hand inside the building either.. I am considering getting a slim, sexy wargaming assistant that can do that for me.. (might have to check with SWMBO first though.. ).. She might fit well with one of these things : 

Not that I will ever be able to afford one of these... but they do have some nice stuff over at Geekchich HQ

Now - for a few pictures of my progress: