Saturday, 19 January 2013

THW 5150 Mini campaign - first characters

Trying to whip up a few characters for my upcoming mini campaign with my son and one of my friends..
Once the minis are finished I will replace the pictures with pictures of my own painted stuff.. But for now - click on the piccies to buy some for your self ;) (nb:pictures are used without permission...)

Here is the first character:
I hope I can make my own miniature look just as good ;)
Heresy Miniture
Name : Edward Columbo - Station Chief Constable
REP : 4
Fitness : 2
People : 3
Savvy : 4
Science : 0
Gender : Male
Class : Police
Motivation : Duty/Profit (??)
Attributes : Coward,Hard as Nails
Profession   : LE1 - Police Commissioner (G3 - Level 2, People skill)
Items : Big Ass Pistol, LR Com-Link (works in 99% of Cygnus),                     120 Items in bank
Enhancement : None
Bio :
Edward is an ex-military, ex-street cop that got assigned to the distant outpost station of Cygnus after accusations of taking bribes. In a few years he worked his way up to second in command, and after the old Station Chief died, Edward was assigned to the post. Over the years it has more or less become his space station and he rules it as his own small kingdom.
Albeit still a police officer and all, there is a rumor going that he does involve him self in shadier trades at times.

And the second one:

Heresy Miniature
Name : Lt. Eliza Corona - Station Docking Officer
REP : 4
Fitness : 3
People : 2
Savvy : 4
Science : 2
Motivation      : Duty
Attributes    : Initiative
Profession  : LE1 - Lieutenant (Savvy skill)
Items : Big Ass Pistol, Long Range Com-Link (works in 99%                         of Cygnus), 12 Items in bank
Enhancement : CPU/7 (Loops:Audio Enhancement (MR1),Data Storage                    (MR1),Imaging (MR1))
Bio :
For reasons unknown, Eliza asked to be stationed at Cygnyns IX. She is a very effecient Docking officer and also doubles as Edwards Second in Command. She has a rumor for remembering everything (cheating a bit with the Data Storage loop).
Where her boss might engage in less legal activities (aledgedly) she is 110% a woman of the law. She runs her fellow police officers and docking crew with military efficiency.

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