Sunday, 6 October 2013

Shipyard production almost complete

Since I started last sunday (1 week ago) I have been working like a mad man to get the next three ships done. 
I have corrected a few errors I did on Sophie and introduced a few new ones, but all in all the new ships turned out pretty well. 

I will not comment all the pics below as the process is the same as for the previous posts when I made HMS Sophie. At times it was a daunting task when everything I did had to be tripled. 

As for the colors on the ships I know they are not completely historical, I went with white bottoms of the main masts on the french ships, something they did in warmer waters. The same goes for the jib boom, the color choice is mainly enforced to make sure that the ships stand out easily on the gaming board. Especially until I get some flags on them :)

I have used thicker thread for the rigging this time - which makes it more visible than what I first used. I much prefer the new rigging. The ratlines are still thin thread, and I might still add the horisontal lines later on.

I still have to finish the jib sails and the after rigged sails, but that is something that can be done after the convention if I don't make it before. I want to do a few cliffs and a small island (you can see the preparations for them below as well).

I have made a name change as well. The second british vessel is now named Raven rather than Retribution.. My reality sense kicked in when it dawned on me that I wouldn't be able to fit that name in on the ship with my lousy brush handling ;) I added a slab of card on the back of the quarterdecks for this version because I corrected an error I made on Sophie. The bottom of the aft part of the hull side should have been cut to have the quarter deck hang out over it. But when I did this on the new ships I had much less space to decorate the back., thus the added card.

At the bottom of this very image heavy post (sorry) you can see all the ships of my current fleet.

From left to right : Lynx, Loire, Raven and Sophie.

From left to right : Lynx, Loire, Raven and Sophie.

From left to right : Lynx, Loire, Raven and Sophie.

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