Thursday, 29 November 2012

Horisont IV - SoBH Demo #1

Once more I attended the best alternative miniatures convention in Denmark, Horisont. 

Around 70 participants, including several stores and 27 different games to choose from - ARGH! Well - as usual I brought my trusty gaming mat (very very boring compared to most of the other terrain boards present) along with a few warbands of mine and the my sons trustworthy LotR orcs... (and my son too of course). 

I got three games in during the event, the first you can see pictures from in this post. 

As I was teaching around 9-10 kids at the same time how to play the game I didn't do any report writing at all (didn't the entire convention actually - too much to do ;))

I cut down our prepared warbands to a more simple version for the kids and even tought them a few wrong things during the game.. not something that matters though.. 

In the end they were all hooked and the adult from the local kids club decided to shelve out 200dkr on blisters on sale so they could get a few warbands with them home. 

It truly showed the rules power - just going with the very basics, having only 2-3 special rules in the first game. And at the end of the game they had already grasped enough of the mechanics to be able to add more special rules if needs be - no doubt they will go crazy once they buy the rules and try for them selves.

Had I had a saying in how  many to introduce the game to at one time I probably wouldn't have thought.. NINE!! But hey - it all went well ;)

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