Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Slow return....

I was on a roll at the start of the year, but stress at work combined with my mother selling her house and reducing her living space by some 60% took out most of springs sparetime. 

Last week-end the anual Åcon took place and I worked like a madman in the week up to the con getting ready with rules and stuff. 

Now that I am slowly getting back in the saddle again it is time for a small status on what projects I have on the table. 

- new rules for next years pirate game at Åcon
- finishing the first 15mm Rally Round the King army
- doing a second 15mm Rally Round the King army so my son can kick my butt in RRtK
- get more characters (28mm) ready for my THW space RPG style game.. (*)
- get some 28mm fantasy minaitures ready for a THW Warrior Heroes Legends campaign for my son. 
- getting some card Age of Sail build after the same principles as Mark Burgess has done here
- paint up my newly acquired 15mm Khurasan scifi miniatures
- finish a few 20mm buildings for ww2 gaming
- painting up more 20mm germans for Face of Battle (and TooFatLardies CoC later this year)
- paint up some 20mm US paras for my son so he can kick my butt in what ever ruleset we end up with.

This is just about it.. 

(*) I was planning on doing some card board space ship/station, but caved in and invested in the Mantic Kickstarter for Deadzone and their nifty new terrain, so I am kinda planning on using the stuff from there instead.

All in all it seems that I have a LOT to do ;)

And to top it all off - I really really need some trees for general gaming... Too bad they are so expensive.. 

Right this was just a short status - I hope to get more stuff up here soon - vacation is only a few days away so I should be able to actually get something produced soon.

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