Monday, 22 July 2013

HMS Sophie - part I

Finally got some sparetime to begin working on HMS Sophie.. Trying to follow Mark Burgess instructions as closely as possible. 

First I copied the drawing for the ship and cut out the first level of the hull.

After adding 3 layers to the hull, I began adding levels for the quarter deck and forecastle.

Forecastle and quarterdeck added.

Then onwards to cutting out the sides.. the first attempt didn't go too well so I redid it (the side has to be a tad longer than the ship to make up for the curved hull).

Both sides done.. 

After both sides were done I added the bow and some card on the stern. I can't figure out if Marks ship had the stern part of the hull sides split so as to make the hull narrower at the bottom. But for now I will just go with this. 

Fairly pleased with it.. And may attempt to do 2 or 3 ships at a time once this one is done..... 

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