Friday, 13 September 2013

HMS Sophie - part II

Ok, besides finishing a few 15mm Teutonic Knights and prepping for the last two stands of their mounted sergeants I have been working on HMS Sophie as well. 

Even though she looks terrible up close... step back some 20-30 centimeters and the illusion holds up... YAY!

Above she has been fitted with all 18 guns and I have begun some detailing on the quaterdeck.

More detailing (and the Teutonic sergeants in the background as well). 

A better look of the stern - it is clear that almost nothing is properly aligned ;)

Forecastle and quarterdeck detailing done. Also some details have been added to the bow - not sure what these things are called.

Stern view.

Another shot of the port side.

Starboard side with all the detailing.

Close up of the bowsprit. Besides wood glue to hold it together I have used paper strips dipped in thinned down wood glue.. when it dries up it should be pretty solid.

 Another view of the bowsprit. It seems pretty huge, but I think it will be ok one the masts gets put in place as well.

Bow view - it looks fairly impressive (even for a sloop of war).

Initial work on the masts have begun.. Unfortunately I have to wait for everything to dry before I can continue :)

I am seriously considering getting some guns and crew from Rod Langton just to see how it would look (it sorta goes against the whole "cheap" idea.. but hey.. real guns and real crew would look SO cool... )

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