Thursday, 26 September 2013

HMS Sophie - part V

Finally I am done.... (well almost.. ;) - read on)

I decided for now to skip the horisontal ratlines.. It is a lot of fiddling and I have just over two weeks to do 3 more ships so this kind of detail will have to wait. 
Adding sails - unfortunately I didn't think before adding the sails to the main mast. As you can see there is more or less NO wind in the sails..  It went better with the foremast.

It pays off to make sure the sails stay where they are supposed to be while the PVA glue dries ;)

I have no clue as to what the fore sails are named.. and I only added one since I had made an error in placing the lower part of the rigging too low on the mast. Instead I opted for securing it with a line to the spar.
Another mistake I made here (and which can be seen in the picture above) is that I glued the line to the fore sail with super glue.. and now I have a semi see through part of the sail.. DOH!! That's what you get for being impatient!

All sails done. I should have made the sail above the quarterdeck more bent as well, but I figure I can correct that on the next ships.

Starboard view with all the sails glued in place.

Even with the fore sail not made correctly (or at least as Mark made his) I am quite satisfied with the overall look.

Port view of the ship. Again you can easily see the aft sail looking a bit too flat.. 

Ready to hoist the anchor.. 

And what about the "almost done".. Well - I need to touch up a few places with fresh paint and most importantly I need to figure out how I do the flags. I will probably see what I can find on the net and then print something.. if I can get it to line up properly on both sides.

Next up is the speedbuilding of three more ships.. :) I hope you have enjoyed it so far.. I know I have.... 


  1. It's looking really good! And it would seem that J.J. Abrams had time to take some photos of this beauty? ;)

  2. Thank you ;-) And who is J. J. Abrams?

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