Friday, 13 September 2013

HMS Sophie - part II(a)

Riiiiight..... total mast failure.. sigh... so here goes the sccond post tonight....

First of all, the spars are sitting way too close to each other because I made the lower and middle section of the masts too short... I decided to glue the spars on anyway... just because I could... But I really have to make new masts.. So I was thinking about the mast thickness as it felt a little too thin to me.

Here you can see the current masts, approximately 2,5mm thick and between the masts a bambus skewer I happend to find in my wood box (I know Mark wrote bambus skewer as well on his blog, but I didn't think the grill sticks I had was too far off.. And to justify my self a little, Mark didn't write how thick the skewer was supposed to be :)) The new bambus skewer is 3mm thick and that half mm makes a world of difference in this scale. I really should replace the bowsprit base with one of the bambus skewer thickness, but I will skip that for Sophie. Once I move on to the next ships I will use the bambus instead.

So, no more for today I think.. I will begin working on a new set of masts.. (another sideeffect will be that there might actually be enough thickness for me to drill holes for the backward pointing spars.. ).

Captain Paludan signing off for tonight..... 

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