Saturday, 2 November 2013

November update

Nothing much to report for now in the work in progress department..

I made good use of my ships at Viking-Con this year and in about 14 days I will be bringing them to Horisont:V as well.

Next on my workbench is probably my RRtK army that needs finishing as well as some 15mm scifi.. or 28mm scifi as I need both. I got a huge amount of Khurasan scifi before summer and I really want to begin painting those nice dolls.

But I also want to do more 28mm scifi miniatures, especially since I backed this Battle Systems™ Sci-fi Modular Terrain yesterday. I am really looking forward to this and it will fit right into the 5150 campaign I am working on. Originally I was planning to use the terrain from the Deadzone kickstarter for this, but having real interior terrain for spaceships/stations is way better.

I bought into the Stronghold x1 pledge wich without stretchgoals/add-ons will make it possible to build this:

More than sufficient for what I have in mind and since it is modular I can rearrange it as I like.. Way cool... 

That's it for now...hopefully I will soon be havng some kind of WIP post to do.. (and just so you don't think I am doing nothing, I am actually working a lot on getting a RPG site for a homegrown set of rules up and running.. too many hobbies, too little time!)

And finally, welcome to the new followers... it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to have more people here ;)

Warmaster signing out...

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