Thursday, 14 November 2013

Packing for Horisont:V and following BS Kickstarter

Once more an update without any miniature work done.. I have of course been following Battle Systems Kickstarter for some nice 28mm terrain. Today they added the "Hulk" add-on essential giving you a Strongholds worth full of stuff, but for single level play only. Apparantly a lot of people were interested in this. It comes with free single level stretch goals as well so you won't feel cheated ;)

And a post should have images - so here is one for the new Hulk add-on :

I must say I find it to be a very long time to wait until may next year to my hands on this.. I have already begun writing more down for my 5150 campaign and am researching spaceship/station layouts to use for the campaign. And with every stretch goal met more stuff is going to rain on me. Wheiii.. I am so loving this :P

I am digging stuff out for Horisont:V as well, and although my own doesn't take much space, I have promised to bring some 15mm terrain for Chain of Command as well as some 15mm scifi miniatures to help test a game a good friend of mine have been working on. 

In about 14 hours from now me and my son will load the car with all the gear and set out to pick up two more conventioners that are going with us in the car. If all goes well, we should arrive late afternoon and be ready to get some gaming done! There are quite a few games that I want to try and of course a lot of chatting with old friends to be done as well.. 


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