Saturday, 19 January 2013

THW 5150 Mini campaign – next NPC lined up

CMON Miniature

Heresy Miniature

Name            : Kate Grootenboer
REP : 5
Fitness : 4
People : 0
Savvy : 5
Science : 3
Motivation : Duty
Attributes   : Genius,Superior Senses (Alien skill)
Profession : T1 - Computer Tech + T2 - Data Analyst(Savvy skill)
Items : 2xBig Ass Pistol, Local Com-Link, Long Range Com-Link,
                Combat Com-link, 450 Items in bank
Enhancement : CPU/12 (Loops:Audio Enhancement (MR1), Combat Reflexes                 (MR3), Data Storage (MR1), Imaging (MR1), Infrared Vision                 (MR1), Lock On (MR1), Nerves of Steel (MR3), Targeting                  (MR1))
                 Audio, Imaging, Infrared, Lock On, Targeting, Bio Med, Blades
Bio :
Where Kate comes from no one really knows. But with all the aguments that she has it is not at all impossible the she is the result of some kind of military black project. If any one could seer her list of enhancements it
would be obvious that her physical enhancements are dualled up with her available loops. She also has a military grade CPU not available to normal people.
She is currently employed as tech officer on board the Dark Mantis. The captain of the ship has currently no idea of her potential.


  1. Are all the items from one of the supplements?

    I'm really excited about this set of rules again. Played All Things Zombie quite extensively back in 2009 and a lot of FNG before that.

  2. All items are from 5150:New Beginnings (except the CPU/12 - that's my contraption..... Also she has an alien attribute not "allowed" for basics, but hey.. it's my game.. Also she is probably very overpowered.. But I need her for a jailbreak that are supposed to succeed ;)