Sunday, 31 March 2013

20mm Cafe de Normandie part II

I took a few decisions... First of all I reverted to a door in the center and a window on each side.. I could see the layout creeping up in size for all the rest of the buildings if I added more with to the cafe.. I kinda like the narrow look of the cafe as well. 

Secondly I have decided to go for loose sidewalks even though I am not sure what to make them of so they don't warp. But that is a nother problem I don't need to trouble my head with just yet.

I will put a base underneath that only supports the caffe on the sides and the front, but it will cover the whole back yard including the small outhouse. I am seriously considering adding walls all around the back yard to keep the base from warping, but lets see about that later.

For now here are some more work in progress piccies.. 

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