Wednesday, 27 March 2013

20mm Cafe de Normandie part I

So - in order to have a good place to fight in with my newly ordered 20mm US paratroopers and some wehrmacht I am going to build a load of houses normandy style. The houses will be used for both Face of Battle and Too Fat Lardies upcoming Chain of Command

As Matakishi already did the Band of Brothers part of Carentan I thought I would get some inspiration from that and do something similar.. 

This is the first layout of what is the Cafe de Normandie. Even though I may not end up with Carentan I think the name will do in any Normandish town.. ;)

I plan to use 5mm foam board and card board to build it from. As this is my first 3 floor 20mm building I am a bit worried that getting to the ground floor will be tricky. The outside measurements of the cafe will be 12cm x 14.5cm. Up for consideration is to actually make the building in two or three parts, but I am not sure I will be able to cover it up.. 

Well - thats it for tonight.. I hope the easter holidays will give me time to actually put a knife to the foam board.


  1. Cool!

    Have you seen Matakishi's PDF on doing Carentan?!

  2. Indeed I have... ;) Have been looking through that a lot lately!